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About Alster Ltd

general Business activities

Alster Limited has been established as a software development entity in West Africa with our head office in Accra, Ghana and satellite offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Monrovia, Liberia.

Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishments of similar software entities in the United States.

We are currently on a trajectory to becoming the most successful software business in the entire West Africa with our year-on-year growth surpassing 900% mark in the just ended 2018 fiscal year.

With loads of investment interest proposals coming in on a regular basis, we are much more optimistic about surpassing last years growth projection with new profit pieaks

Our Services

Ad Hoc Solutions

We provide Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software that have been pre-programmed to solve specific issues and can be deployed within 5 days.

Native Mobile Apps

Native Mobile Apps are better than their cross-platform counterparts in all aspects namely speed, security, interface and user experience.

Beautiful Websites

Building websites is not only our area of strength but a tradition. Everyone at Alster Limited can at least design a beautiful website.

eCommerce Solutions

We develop eCommerce Solutions for various businesses such as Pharmacy Shops, Retail Shops, Whole Stores, Schools, etc to sell online

SaaS Solutions

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions have become a lifeline to start-ups and SMEs who cannot afford their hefty price tags.

24/7 Support

As a company, our customers are our greatest assets. Our customer support centers operate 24/7 providing support whenever customers need it.

Faq Question

The price of an App developed by Alster Limited depends on the software service package you want and the technicality of the App Concept. But most importantly, your budget and time frame of your project.

That is, in simple terms, the more complex your project concept, the more expensive it becomes. Customers with limited budget such as start-up or SMEs may choose our SaaS Solutions package.

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. That is, we develop software solutions for our customers but instead of the tradition upfront purchase of hefty price tag software, the customers buys the software through a Pay-as-You-Go service.

In SaaS, the customer pays are Sign Up fee upon which Alster Limited would develop and deploy the software for the customer. The customer would however, pay a periodic service charge for the software depending on the traffic on the App.

Ad Hock as the name implies refers to the more traditional form of software contracting where the customer explains the software concept he or she wants to build and Alster Limited on the other hand designs, programme and deploy the software or app within an agreed time frame.

On the subject on how it works, the customer and Alster Limited would both agree on a price for the project as well as all specifications and time lines. Upon receipt of 50% of the agreed sum, Alster Limited would quickly get to work on the software. The customer would be expected to pay half of the remaining 50% on completion of the project and then the remaining sum upon completion of all testing and evaluations and subsequent deployment of production version of the software.

It takes a minimum of 2 working days to design and host a simple website. Our systems analysts and designers are always on stand-by to complement the efforts of each other to provide secured solutions as early as possible.

More dynamic and complex web applications take more than time to complete however, not more than 2 months. Simple static websites may take longer than 2 working days to complete if the customer does not have content for the site. In such case, our marketing would collaborate with the technical team to build such solutions.

It takes a minimum of 10 working days to design and develop a mobile app. Our systems analysts, database engineers and designers coordinate with each other to produce the best solution for each aspect of the mobile app technology.

Very complex mobile app concepts may under exception circumstances require more than 10 working days but no more than 2 months to complete.

One Vision

As a company we have one vision: we see ourselves at the forefront of paperless revolution.

In the short term, we want to be the go address for any business that want to organize itself to meet the demands of a digitalized world.

In the long term, we see ourselves to becoming the greatest software company that has done so much for the African people in terms of quickening the pace of electronic business and our common economic transformation agenda.

Several Goals

Our ultimate goal is to become a household name in the long term while in the short term, we excel our competition in what we love to do: Creating software.

In the 2019 fiscal year, our goal is to support at least 40 Start-Ups or SMEs with software technology in the form of ERP Solutions and eCommerce Apps.

Within the same year, it is also our objective to gain exponential profits on the investments of our valued share holders, exceeding or at least maintaining the 900% margin we achieved the previous year.

In the long term, we want Alster Limited to become a household name on the lips of school children and technology enthusiasts not because of extreme marketing or advertisement but simply for our achievement in sectors of excellent artificial intelligence that would impact the lives of every on the our continent.

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